From Kathy:

“Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.  Six months ago I had my first class with Eileen.  Six months ago I never spoke of gratitude.  Now it is part of my life everyday and my every moment.  Most importantly, being thankful for what I have.

Learning to talk about my joys and not my problems, it’s all about living for today, being in the now.  Not to stress over yesterday or worry about tomorrow.

Eileen is a life coach, a fitness trainer and a friend.  Always with a bright smile and an open heart.  She never judges anyone and is always willing to help modify any exercise that you are unable to do.  I’ve come very far in six months.  I am stronger, healthier and feel great!  I went down a pant size and a bra size.  I use to struggle going upstairs, I had to pull myself up the stairs by the railing, but now I just run up stairs!   My knees don’t hurt anymore and I can carry heavy things again.

Eileen teaches a full body workout each class.  I call it “Mind to Toes” workout, from warm up, a full body workout, stretching and ending with a meditation.  Eileen has also helped with diet and recipe tips.  I have fun, I feel empowered and positive for the rest of my day.

Being stressed out or overwhelmed, Eileen taught me how breathing plays a huge role in releasing stress.  Taking deep breaths has become a huge part of my life and has helped me tremendously.

In conclusion, Eileen is open for you to share anything you need to, she will not judge, she will always give you words of encouragement and gratitude.  A coach who helps you feel complete.  Grab a mat, a water, a towel, an open mind and call Eileen.”

Truly grateful!

Kathy Baldi
Pine Bush, NY





From Heidi:

“I have been working out with Eileen Downes at True Essence Fitness for many years now. Once the Covid pandemic hit, I began taking classes online. Eileen was able to adjust her instructions so that both in person and at home people can work out seamlessly.

One of the things I love about Eileen’s program is that there is such a variety in each workout. I never get bored because, although many of the exercises are repeated, they are integrated with different equipment and routines. She is also able to differentiate moves based on how advanced her clients are and issues they may be having with their bodies.

The past year has been extremely stressful, and my workouts with True Essence Fitness have not only helped me stay in shape, but deal with the stress in a healthy way. I wholeheartedly recommend Eileen’s classes.” – Heidi Kassel

From Gloria:

“I have been exercising at True Essence Fitness & Wellness for over 3 years and while I am not an exercise fanatic, I do enjoy these workouts and they keep me in shape! I love how Eileen crafts the classes using various types of weights and cardio while incorporating mindfulness, and some yoga poses here and there! She is also great at explaining and modeling various modifications to exercises, which lets people of all levels or those who have injuries to still get exercise! I am especially thankful for Eileen and True Essence Fitness & Wellness since the pandemic hit, as she has added online classes (live and recorded), so I am able to get my classes via Zoom and workout in my own home but still feel like I am part of the class!” ~ Gloria K.

The Fresh Start Journey Program

From Erica:

We all know a program is work and what you put in is what you get out! With that said if you want an angel to guide you and support you along the way then you have come to the right place 

Eileen has your back and will motivate you to keep going when you want to stop but… you have to start!  Say yes to a better life and join The Fresh Start Journey Program 

It has brought my gratitude and what is most important to me into clearer focus. To know she is there for you even after you complete the program is worth all the weight in gold.”

From Meghan:

“Thank you Eileen!   I felt like every lesson was delivered to me at the exact right moment.  For the first time in a long time I do not feel burdened by responsibility, but energized that I have everything I need to get things accomplished.  You have pointed me in the right direction and I thank you!!”