Coaching with Compassion

Group Training

You will be uplifted as you gather with our community of heart-centered women who aspire to live vibrantly healthy and happy lives.  The only equipment you need to create the change you desire is YOU.

We do provide and offer resistance training tools such as free weights, bands, bells and balls.  Commit yourself to 1-3 classes per week for six weeks and get tuned in and toned up for a healthy, long-lasting, energetic life.


Personal Fitness Training

Personalized training allows your trainer to design  programs that are specific to the needs and desires of the client.  It takes mother nature about six weeks to adapt to the changes of each season.  Similar to mother nature, our bodies adapt to the new environment that is being created for its growth and evolution.

I have found that six-twelve weeks of coaching sessions are fundamental to allow for transformation to occur..


Life Coaching

You cannot heal what you not willing to feel and you cannot free what you are not willing to face.

As your coach, I will help you face life’s challenges with ease and grace and open you up to higher possibilities for your life.

The Path to Freedom

There are eight core life structures that make up your life experience.   What areas in your life are longing to be nourished and strengthened?

I would be honored to guide you on the path of inner healing and transformation.

This is a journey for the spiritual warrior who’s ready to stand fear in the face and get grounded in the truth that sets you free.  Are you ready to break through the barriers of fear and self-doubt and live the magnificent life you desire and deserve to live.

Fundamental Life Principles

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.   You have the power to change your life by reshaping your consciousness and taking inspired action that reflects that consciousness.

Your current conditions do not define you, but they are here to help you wake up to your true nature!

Life is always on your side, so choose to be on your side too.   You are worthy of it all and it’s possible to have everything that you desire but you must align with that desire and believe it’s possible.

Life is all-giving, Life is all-loving and Life is all-knowing.  Life is always supportive and friendly to your needs and desires.

Life does not discriminate.  Life is lawful, orderly and just.  When you understand these fundamental life principles and design a way of life around them, you become a channel of good to be expressed through you.

Isn’t that exciting? 

What’s the next right step for you?

Only you know what’s right for you right now.  However, don’t allow your conditions (the appearances) to determine what step you take.

Trust what your heart has to say because the conditioned mind will try and keep you the same.

The ego structure does not like change.  Change to the ego is like death and it will do anything in it’s psuedo-power to keep you from changing, even if that means to remain in pain.

Ask your Higher Self what’s right for you now and trust what answer you receive.  The answer is always present within you as life is always supporting your highest good.

Your true essence, which is your source of everything is always focused on the life that you desire.   What is your soul calling you to say yes to now?

Trust what emerges and follow the impulse you receive and then take action.


Do you have a big desire to make a difference in your life and in the world?

Do you desire wellbeing, abundance, adventure, deeply loving relationships, fulfilling work, peace and joy?

If yes, then now is the time for you to say yes to yourself and let your desires inspire you to the magnificent life you want and deserve.

It is time to renew your desires and actualize them in your life now.   It is time to press the refresh button on your life and start creating from your heart.

You are worthy of it all!

Every one of your problems and pains, whether it is physical, mental or emotional has a solution and it is found within.

Resolution ultimately means to return to love which also means to return to YOU.

My signature online program is designed to help you gain clarity around your vision, release the fear, doubt and uncertainty you hold within that is keeping you from an abundant life and help you move forward in alignment with your true hearts desires with ease and grace.

The Fresh Start Journey is an online group coaching program for women over forty.  In this co-creative 12-week program, I will support you on your fresh start journey.  You will be invited to work through simple, yet powerful exercises and processes that will empower you to stand in your truth and realize your true hearts desires.

It all starts with a resounding yes.  If you don’t feel ready but you are willing, then give yourself the gift of saying yes to yourself.

Where there is willingness, there is always a way and you are the way that life shows up.  Allow yourself to be guided on the path that is waiting for you now.

Now is always the appointed time to start living with powerful intention and unwavering faith.  I will help you gain clarity on your purpose, strengthen your faith muscles, increase your soul stamina and release anything that is no longer serving your highest good.

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