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Eileen Kramer Downes, Fitness & Wellbeing Coach for Women over Forty


We understand how busy women are with all the roles they play and they often put their own needs on the back burner, so much so that they completely burn out.

Our integrative approach to fitness, combining resistance training with mindfulness practice and meditation gives the working woman everything she needs in the midst of her busy life to maintain a healthy body and a happy spirit.  The good news is that it only requires a commitment of a few hours a week.    

Our programs are for woman over forty who are ready and willing to say yes to herself and make radical self love and self care a way of life.   We invite you to join the movement — and take your life, your fitness, your health and your potential to the next level.

Now is always the appointed time to say yes to you.

Group Training

Our group fitness training program is designed to engage the whole body with mindfulness as our core foundation.   Our fitness training method engages all muscles and joints of the body, allowing for lean muscle growth, fat burn, increased energy, mood enhancement, along with building core strength, balance and flexibility.    Resistance training, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation are practices we integrate into our classes making it a holistic experience that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

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Personal Training

There are so many reasons to choose personal  training, especially if you have certain health challenges or are recovering from an injury.   Personal training also provides a strong foundation for women new to fitness or for those just getting back into a fitness program after a long hiatus.   The main benefit is the individualized focus and having a program designed specific to your needs and goals.   Just like the group classes, we focus on the whole self, integrating the mind, body and spirit.

Life Coaching

We believe everyone can benefit from working with a life coach, especially if you feel stuck, stagnated and desire to move your life forward.   Our life coaching program will help you get clear on what’s blocking you from living a healthy, abundant and fulfilling life.  Eileen will help you devise a true life plan and practice that will empower you to head in the direction that your soul is calling you to move towards.

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Take the next step

Taking the first step towards the life you truly want is all you can do. We make it easy for you to take that step by gifting you a complimentary session so that you can explore if our approach to fitness and total wellbeing feels right for you.

Choose the coaching that fits your individual needs and desires.

Sign up for a complimentary class,  set up your personal training consultation or life coaching breakthrough session.

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